Wizard's Guild

19 West Washington
Athens, OH 45701
(740) 594-5300‎

This Athens wargame store is located at 19 West Washington. Stop by and check it out. Call to find out if it carries Warhammer 40K, Warhammer, Hordes, Warmachine or Flames of War games. Click the Edit link if you frequent this store to help people find out about what games it offers.



If you've shopped at Wizard's Guild, tell us what you think of the store.

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Like any card/comic shop they tend to price just right or a little over, and they never buy for the value at the time on cards. This last part bothers me because despite my desire to sell a card they only offer maybe 15% of the value in cash. So I'm stuck either playing with the cards or selling them elsewhere (online most likely). This is typical of many shops but a little too much here as they charge $75 for the From the Vault Legends box while many others charge just $50. They tried to bring up the point about shipping and handling and I simply laughed because shipping and handling is $5 at least and $10 at most so we are still talking a $15 difference from their price and any other location's. The atmosphere there isn't bad though. Mostly college kids and even run primarily by college kids which leads to their wacky store hours. What I find interesting is that despite this limited time they don't just hire students to work those shifts that can work them. Perhaps the shop doesn't make enough to cover the spots but either way the shop suffers for it losing out on customers during parts of the day. There are some egos in the shop so if you are new to a game or not 100% sure, watch out, they may bite your head off.

-- N

They are fairly awesome. However, their hours are not conducive to the true dedicated comic book nerd, which sort of follows in a college town-- I guess. The gaming platform collection is ok, but not...epic. and there are never sales on trade paperback comic collections. All in all, the only reason I go is to try to keep comic stores open. I can get anything they have on the internet cheaper and better. But I really like them, anyway. Soon, there will be no spaces left for systems / mythos freaks, and we will be forced underground. That's ok. More chance for another uprising. ;)

-- Mars



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