Game Citadel

720 broadway
Bangor, ME 04401
Web site: Link
Email: contact at gamecitadel dot com

Hobby gaming paradise! Board games, RPGs, Warhammer Fantasy & 40k, D&D, Magic, Dice, Hobby Supplies. Plus modern and retro video games, systems and accessories.


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Great prices for great cards. Best place to buy MTG cards. I would recommend it to anyone.

-- Austin

My boyfriend is very into Magic the Gathering and I often go to 3Geek with him. It is a small, but somewhat cozy and cool place. Great artwork and posters on the walls and the staff are SO very friendly. I do wish the website were better though, maybe put what you have in stock online? Also, whenever I try to call the listed phone number no one answers and the answer machine isn't set up.

-- Caitie

3 Geek Gaming is a very good store. I am a huge fan of MTG and i go here every weekend to get MTG cards at the lowest prices that I've ever seen. The owners are also very nice and always help me find what I need.

-- Tucker Ellis

This store has a wonderful vibe to it. They make you feel very welcome and are very good at helping you with what you need. Their staff has a wide range of knowledge for gaming including: Magic, Magic online, Warhammer 40K, Pokemon, Dungeon's & Dragons and Warhammer. Overall this is an outstanding store and I have to say the best one I've come across in eight years, up the whole entire East coast. Rating:(Five Stars) *****

-- JW St.Germain

Anyone in the area would be wise to shop and trade here first. I was pleasantly impressed with the service and atmosphere towards potential customers. Keep up the good work gang.

-- Robin Enman

The product we got from your store is great, but your website doesn't work? Isn't that a bit strange especially for a community based hobby shop.

-- Amanda M.

Helpful and friendly staff. One of the best stores around to get MTG cards at an affordable prices.

-- Elliot

Excellent selection and the guys were VERY helpful with gaming advice even though I'm from out of state and it was my first time in the store. I was even able to get a game in while visiting!

-- David

This store is almost as awesome as me and that's saying something!

-- Jared Kitchen

This store is for good for the hard core gamer and novice alike. The owners are good people who all have different expertise in games. They support MTG, Warhammer & Warhammer 40k, D&D, ect...

-- DJ

This store is awesome - always have a good time there, Warhammer and 40k games abound and I always get help with my painting.

-- john

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