Hammer Hall Gaming

3325 Plymouth St.
Jacksonville, FL 32205
(904) 240-1011
Web site: Link
Email: hammerhallamanda at gmail dot com

This store is located in the Murray Hill area of Jacksonville. It is a gaming shop ran by gamers and for gamers. we want to create a safe,clean and comfortable atmosphere for all gaming needs-. tournaments, contest and trivia.


If you've shopped at Hammer Hall Gaming, tell us what you think of the store.

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Attentive staff and this place has a cafe!

-- Joe

Very friendly and helpful service. If prices were too high before, they seem to have improved since then, as they seem reasonable.

-- Chipper

I have had very good luck with Hammer. Unfortunately, I live pretty far away, so I don't get over there often, but when I do, they have always been very friendly, their prices are good, and they always have the cards I need when closer stores are out of stock.

-- Lance Varden

Store is very friendly and welcoming! Great to finally see a game store that is worth driving to and now I can get a pathfinder game going,very excited. It's not over stocked and cluttered like most game stores and if you need something they don't have they order it. There is a private and cozy back patio as well:score

-- black lotus

You know, i take it back, after dropping in there a couple of weeks ago, found friendly MTG players, Pathfinder players and DND player's galore. I really enjoyed this quaint gaming store.

-- Disappointed

This store is cool! People are pleasant and prices are low-average. This is a growing store so I expect great things coming from this place in the future.

-- george

So happy to see another game store open. Good people and consistently great service. Go there every week-very pleased.

-- MagicGeek

This game store has amazing prices and people. They sell magic and Yu-gi-oh singles,as well as D&D and L5R stuff.The place has a welcoming feel :) unlike the other game stores in jax. Hammer Hall a gamer must.

-- paula

Did not like the service. Prices were not realistic. Not impressed at all. Doubt the company will be there long.

-- Disappointed

Amazing store!!! Amanda and Chris were super friendly!

-- Xvart90411

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