Fantasy Game World

2503 El Paso Way
Chico, CA 95973
(530) 345-3115

I'm the niece to the Owner Scott Russell and he is my favorite uncle.


If you've shopped at Fantasy Game World, tell us what you think of the store.

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I\'ve been buying comics and playing FMN at Fantasy Game World for a long time. My dad used to take me to Dolly\'s old shop in the Upstairs Mall back in the day. It\'s the best shop for comics, collectibles, and Magic The Gathering in Northern California. Scott and Dolly are super friendly and helpful and their PRCIES ARE THE LOWEST I\'ve ever seen. Fantasy Game World is the only comic book/TCG game store I\'ve ever been in whose prices are cheaper than online stores and auction sites.

-- Jeff Hansen

Love the store, great atmosphere. Cute pets!!!! Will come back for more cards, mini wargamming products, and anime!!!

-- Krystal Gatewood

Scott of Fantasy Game World is the man. Best prices in Chico

-- Cedar freebird

FGW is the BEST place to buy your gaming stuff at. Having played casually with friends as well as the frequent tournaments for various games I can say with certainty that it is a very welcoming atmosphere compared to other shops. Scott’s knowledge of games is expansive and he’ll do his best to get you a good fair deal without you even having to ask. Even if what you’re looking for isn’t in stock, Scott will order it for you and hold it for you if need be.

-- Oscar Garcia

I have been shopping at Scott's place for almost six years, and I adamantly refuse to buy gaming gear from anywhere else. Even if he doesn't have what you want, he will order it for you!! Also he is a really cool guy, he has introduced me to 3 or 4 board games that I absolutely love.

-- Jeff Dowell

FGW is the best store I've ever shopped at. In fact I used to drive 200 miles so I could shop at his store. Scott might come off as a little cantankerous at times but he's fair and honest. If he knows what kind of games you like he will warn you about getting into a "money sink" that will just take up space on your shelf as opposed to another product (often times cheaper) that you'll enjoy. He also hosts games every weekend.

-- Edward

By far one of the best game like shops in town. Amazing prices cool owner over all a really cool place.

-- Luke holt

FGW sells stuff at prices that are barely over the internet prices. The shop isn't huge, but we fit a 20 man M:TG tournament into it. The owner is very helpful and will point out the cons of buying something, not just the pros.

-- Zack Johnson

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