Warzone Matrix

4704 Rocky River Drive
Cleveland, OH 44135
(216) 433-1316
Web site: Link

This Cleveland wargame store is located at 4704 Rocky River Drive. Come in and take a look. Large selection of Magic the Gathering cards; many singles, including commons. Walls of minis, including Warhammer and 40K. Back rooms include many obscure and hard to find games. Click the Edit link if you frequent this store to help people find out about what games it sells.


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Visited once so far. A little more expensive than on line but worth it. The service is outstanding the feel of old school store so cool old game stuff all over and owner knows his stuff. If you need any gaming cards figures board games this is your store

-- Jerome Tomasheski

Stopped in last weekend. Just browsing, as wife and daughter with me. I got rolled eyes from them. I found several vintage games that I used to own, like Blitzkrieg, Panzerblitz, Bismark, Submarine, all from AH. There were a couple of SPI games up high, so I couldn't see what they were. Many other choices, both vintage and new. The prices are probably reasonable, but still too pricy for me on a regular basis.

-- Matt D.

I found a treasure-trove of hard to find, if not impossible to find gaming, hobby and collectibles! RoleMaster, Judges Guide, World of Darkness, Shadowrun, GamesWorkshop, SPI, AvalonHill, Advanced Squad Leader, Out of Print Miniatures, just to name a few... I spent an hour there and only saw a quarter of everything there!!! A Must See!!!

-- KaptainMaxwell

I've been going to this store for roughly 15 years, since before I could drive, and now into my late 20's. The owner does not make up prices on the fly, he prices magic cards based on the going rate. If he isn't aware of a current price or not sure he's more than happy to do an online price check for anyone. The store is really amazing in the depth of things you can find. I've lived in several states and been to gaming stores in all of them and never seen a collection of items as this store has. It's what always keeps me coming back.

-- Mike Johnson

Ok, It's dingy, dusty, and in a weird nieghborhood. You're probably gonna be handed your purchase in a used Rally's bag. But you know what? It has the biggest selection of 40K stuff in stock that your gonna find short of an actual GW store. Also, I've had some luck finding older models (IG Steel Legion). Hell, the guy probably has some Rogue Trader stuff squirreled away somewhere. Great place!

-- Alan Merrian

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