Hall of Heroes

119 East Grand Avenue
Ponca City, OK 74601
(580) 765-7437
Web site: Link
Email: Hallofheroes at sbcglobal dot net

Located at 119 East Grand Avenue in Ponca City, Oklahoma. Over 200,000 comic books. Warhammer, 40k, paints, Heroclix boosters and singles. Magic the Gathering starters, boosters and over 100,000 singles. Free magic card deck if you come in and learn the demo. Posters, t-shirts, Paintball guns and accessories, action figures. Sportscard packs and singles too. Magic FNM tournaments as well as sanctioned Yu-gi-oh tournaments.


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Hall of heroes isn't just a store. It's a good place full of good people. It provides a good clean safe place for the youngsters after school. The shop owner (Dave), treats everyone with far more consideration and a much better attitude than any other store I've been to. The merchandise is great of course, is cheaper than the rest and there's deals to be had, but stuff is such a small aspect. You can find stuff anywhere, there's real value in a store that treats you as a good buddy.

-- Gutstomp

This store is fantastic, when you go in and walk out with a pack of MTG or a flail- you walk out 20% cooler.

-- Chris Soto

I grew up at Hall of Heroes. Dave Guinn (the owner) made sure kids had a safe and fun place to go after school. He promoted our education through reading comics and learning to solve complex problems with the card and table top games. He has a wonderful shop and he is a wonderful friend.

-- Jessop LaRue

The store in Enid was amazing it was truly Profound Sadness when u left u should come back...

-- Zinn Belt

It was awesome. I loved the tourneys and the choice of cards. Best place to go for Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

-- jaedan eads

Best place in the world for Yugioh..I've won tourneys in Enid and Ponca...broke my heart when they left Enid......pretty soon I'll be able two go two Ponca....wonder if they'll remember me?

-- montrell goodman

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