Heroes & Dragons

510 Bush River Road
Columbia, SC 29210
(803) 731-4376
Web site: Link
Email: comics at heroesanddragons dot com

H&D has a great selection of new and back issue comics, toys and books. The staff is friendly & knowledgeable. We do not sell gaming merchandise.


If you've shopped at Heroes & Dragons, tell us what you think of the store.

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Shop looks really big, but looks are definitely misleading. Most of my interest is independent comics and Magic the Gathering cards and this store had very little of these things. Out of the small selection they did have, all of it was overpriced. NOT HAPPY with this store at all, especially since I traveled 3 hours one way, out of my way to check out this supposed "great" store. Plus when I called the store, I was told that they had MTG singles, which turned out to be really old crap that no one has probably looked thru in 5 years and was all just thrown into a box you had to finger through.

-- Nigel Palmer

Great store to buy comics I would recommend anyone this store.

-- Kevin Riggs

It's ok if you're into lots of comics, and comic/movie collectibles but their selection of Warhammer 40k and gaming accessories leaves a lot to be desired, especially for the size of their store. The staff is really nice, but I don't like going into a store and hearing we can order that for you. I can do that myself.

-- William Gray

Good store. I like the rock toys and G.I. Joe 12" stuff. Keep up the good work! By the way, do you have anyone running an in-store GAMMA WORLD game?

-- Steve Adkins

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