333 Divisadero
San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 621-4263
Web site: Link
Email: gamescapesf at gmail dot com

Gamescape has four tables that customers can use free for gaming but scheduling should be arranged before hand. Products available include Warmachine, Hordes and Warhammer 40k.


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Unlike many of the posts above, this isn't a happy story.I picked up Cubicle 7s new Doctor Who Card Game at GenCon. I didn't have the time to sit thgruoh a demo at their booth, so I planned to read the rules before playing the game.Cut to a month or so later, I'm back home and our regular Monday night roleplaying session is in danger of being called as two of the players can't make it. I remember that I have DWCG so suggest we play that instead. Sadly, I had still not gotten around to reading the rules, so we decided to read them as we played.The game is fantastically fun, has an unusual card-passing mechanic that makes it hard to stack your hand with good cards, and isn't too difficult for kids to play. Once you've closely read the rules, that is. They're not the easiest rules to get thgruoh, with many things presented in long form and not summarised on the Rules Summary sheet.We managed to make it thgruoh the game okay, but did get caught up on one major rule: If a location is successfully defended by the Doctor and his chums, aliens can attack it again to try and gain control of it again. Ignoring this rule means that once you've defended a location, it's out of the game. There aren't enough locations in the game for this to be a viable rule. Also, your hand fills up with enemies and defenders pretty quickly.How could this be one of my best gaming experiences this year? Easy. It was a strong reminder of why you should ALWAYS read the rules first, and get other people to read them too. They may spot something that you've missed, and vice versa.Also, now that I've actually read the rules, I'm looking forward to playing it again properly this time.

-- Asad

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