Montag's Games

9430 Broadway Street
Pearland, TX 77584
(281) 412-4100
Web site: Link
Email: montagsgames at sbcglobal dot net

Montag's Games is located in Pearland, just 10-15 minutes south of Houston. We carry tabletop miniatures, ccg's, boardgames, hobby supplies, dice & more. We have a 1300 square foot store with four 4'x6' tables in the front of the store for miniatures. The back of our store has enough seating for 28 players. We host Magic the Gathering tournaments every Friday night at 6:30 p.m. Saturdays we run Warhammer 40k and Fantasy. Check out our website for more details.


If you've shopped at Montag's Games, tell us what you think of the store.

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great place to shop for magic the gathering and warhammer 40k

-- taylor painter

Montag's Games is more than just a "wargaming store". It is a COMMUNITY of gamers. This is what makes this lil'shop better than the rest IMO. If you want uber stock, go to Walmart. You want a home, go to Montag's Games. Mud

-- Daogie Doober

Great store with variety of games. Owner is a great guy and always willing to ensure your game goes on. There are tables in back for the tcg and board games and a couple of table top game tables near the entrance. ( which the owner actually kicked off some tcg players so me and my bud could play some 40k). Great selection of products and if it's not there you can get it ordered.overall great store in my opinion. Hope this helps

-- rico

Awesome store to visit and play at. Decent selection on most items, and if something isn't in stock the owner is willing to order it.

-- Great Cheesefish

Montag's Games is a great place to shop and play a great variety of games with cool people. There are frequent events for TCG players, tabletop players and board game players as well. The owner is very nice and helpful and dedicated to helping players find what they're looking for, no matter what it is.

-- Indigo Fremont

Montag's has a great selection on Warhammer 40K models but their Fantasy range is a little light. The owner is very friendly and goes out of his way to order an item if he doesn't have it in stock. They do other tabletop miniature games such as FoW, some Warmachine & Hordes. I have also seen them play collectible miniature games also. They have a pretty big following of MTG players. I usually notice about 20-30 on an average Friday night. Overall, I enjoy going to and hanging out at Montag's.

-- Nick D

They are pretty much a Magic the Gathering store only. Not much outside of that. Stock is low, unless you like Magic the Gathering.

-- K

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