Swords & Superheroes

26835 cypresswood
Spring, TX 77373
Web site: Link
Email: sydney_jones2001 at yahoo dot com

The new store that is 50% bigger in our new clean location 1 mile away from old town spring. Now the #1 store in spring area from board games , miniatures , comics , toys , hobby paints and tools,t-shirts, collectables ,flames of war, Games workshop , Malfaux, Dystopian wars , to name a few . We now have 4 games tables for miniatures ( 2-8 foot and 2 6 foot and card tables plus magic , Yugioh , pokemon and a mini-Lan center.)Use tables is free with any purchase ..


If you've shopped at Swords & Superheroes, tell us what you think of the store.

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While one of the specific miniatures I was looking for wasn't available (Star Wars Miniatures), everything else was, and at a reasonable price.

-- Aiden

it is an awesome store. I've always found what I was looking for and if they didn't have it they ordered it.

-- Lester

They Have MOVED to 26835 Cypresswood drive ...

-- syd

great store a true gaming store.. lots of old classics are there and super friendly staff. look forward to going back again to buy an expansion or jump in and play..

-- Peter

Small but a great store, has the largest inventory on the North side of Houston. Building is older but that is to be expected in a historical district (old town spring). Great crowd but can be noisy at times due to the small size. Over all great place with a friendly owner.

-- Wilson

I went to the Spring location a couple weeks ago and I loved it. I had fun and got to play a Flames of War battle with a friend. I can't wait till I get to go back.

-- General Anthony Solo

It may not have all the battle tables Fat Ogre has, but a lot more customer-friendly. I hate being badgered to buy stuff at the Fat Ogre.. Syd is a pretty awesome guy. Always willing to answer your questions. A friend and I arrived about 5 minutes before he was about to close up shop and ended up being there like 15 or so minutes past closing answering questions and shootin the breeze. They've got pretty much all your tabletop gaming needs. I definitely recommend this game shop over any other I've been to thus far.

-- A. Austin

Great Store - has moew new than any store in the area and old . Not sure who the angry guy below is , but I went to fat ogre and they seem to be missing alot of stock. syd does not charge for game space, they make ask you to spend $5 to play all day there. My Son loves the place and syd will tell you straight that he could not be open without that $5 purchase policy . Mr Grumps seems really wrong about the place. I'm not sure, but it seems they just want no thieves in the place or people who never spend any money there. I liked this old place, now here 10 years for a reason.

-- Meceli

Owners nickle and dime their customers for every single penny they can squeeze. Pay-to-play strictly enforced, and they even get upset if you bring in things you've purchased anywhere else - how dare you have a gaming history! Their selection, however, is second to none, but most of it is old models and OOP items. If you want new, you're better off trying some of the better gaming stores in the area, like Fat Ogre.

-- Mike

It's a wonderful little place, the owner is incredibly friendly, and it holds a wonderful atmosphere. A shame he is moving locations in the coming year, I'm hoping the atmosphere doesn't change TOO much.

-- ErB

The Owner is a nice guy, that doesn't mind talking to you, and helping you out if he has time. I mean he's always nice, but at slow times he's happy to bs on the phone, or talk for a while. It's a very small shop, and rather cramped, but they run games there, and he's very inviting. Says they'll be opening a store in Kingwood soon. That one will be closer to me, and I'll probably be over there from time to time.

-- Billy

Great store, has everything from computer/video games to tabletop, RPG's. Small but good crowd.

-- Derrick

Store is a little antique like place. Carries good stock but be prepared for an old building with a mismatch of stuff around the place. I like it but mall rats would not like this place. They have more stuff than I can count,kind of like aminiNans like down town Houston but with game tables.

-- -Big P-

Kind of a throw back store with a lot of mixed stuff from toys to gaming supplies. They must have super low overhead. I saw this place here seven years ago. Still neat store.

-- lindsey Daniels

Best place for stuff on North Side gaming. They beat little Wars and Fat ogre( Joke of a store - they will be gone.) other place a bunch of old geeks. This place was cool with all kinds of stuff. I go once every few weeks , they keep up with all the new stuff.

-- Walker Smith

Good Crowd here, maybe 6-8 people daily. It is a old building with cramped space full of stuff all the way to the roof. Big enough for 10 people at most. They keep up with all the new stuff , I saw new comics, GW new releases and D&D new stuff. Worth the drive in the Houston area. They seem to have everything in here .

-- Jill mitch.

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