Fun -N- Games

801 University City Blvd. Suite 14
Blacksburg, VA 24060
(540) 552 2204
Web site: Link
Email: funngames at blacksburg dot net

Fun -N- Games carries an extensive selection of Games Workshop products and also welcomes players to use its gaming tables and terrain for whatever miniature wargame interests them! We'd especially love to get more Warmachine/Hordes players so we can increase our product selection for Privateer Press as well.


If you've shopped at Fun -N- Games, tell us what you think of the store.

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Great store, very friendly and welcoming. The staff is helpful and very knowledgeable. I have been a regular for almost five years and I highly recommend if you are interested in a great place to learn and play tabletop games such as DnD, Magic, 40K, Fantasy, Warmachine, and more.

-- Laura

Great store, well stocked, fantastic people, and new location make this the place to go for all your gaming needs! It's a must go to place in Blacksburg!

-- Rick Fernandez

Ever since I became a regular customer of their store in 1999, I have always found that they have a wide variety of board games, role playing games of many different kinds including Dungeons and Dragons, Larps, Pathfinder, plus Warhammer, Comics, Art Supplies, Pokemon cards and Magic: The Gathering Cards at very reasonable prices. Their customer service is next-to-none, with prompt service and extremely friendly personal attention to each customer that walks in the door. Their store is a very welcoming environment that is open 7 days a week from 12-10, with daily events & tournaments on a wide variety of games (Especially Magic Events!!!), and their store is a favorite local hangout of many gamers that love using their space for open gaming. In addition, they have great deals on Magic: The Gathering singles, collections, pre-orders on Magic Singles and Sealed products. Both the Comic Book and Magic dealers that provide A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. prices with sell-to-dealer + trade-in prices that are far above any of their local competitors and about any major retailer one could imagine (without all the rigid, unbelievably low-ball pricing offered at most other websites or physical stores)! Also, the building owner has noted that the store's parking lot is shared with both the apartment complex above and a neighboring bike shop, the residents // businesses at that address always try to find the owner of any vehicle blocking vehicles that need to enter // exit their limited spaces from anyone that normally rents building space at that address before they tow any cars.

-- A loyal customer since 1999

I have found that they have a wide variety of board games, role playing games of many different kinds (including Dungeons and Dragons, Larps, Pathfinder, and Others), Art supplies, dice, Comics for fans of all ages, the snack // drink prices are the lowest in town for those that just want something to eat // drink, Warhammer and other miniature game figurines are readily available to enjoy painting at home or in the store, and especially awesome prices on Magic: The Gathering Singles // Sealed Products & Pokemon Cards. Not only does the store offer these products at very reasonable prices for sale + awesome prices for both Magic and Comics sell-back to store cash prices for single card // comic book collections of all sizes (with the trade-in prices at significantly higher than competitors and major store prices), but they offer preorders at great prices! Their Magic and Comic dealers are beyond compare, without the strict pricing or limited service hours that other stores in Blacksburg and neighboring cities offer. The store is open 7 days a week from 12-10 PM, gives unbelievably nice personal attention, provides MULTIPLE FREE GAMING EVENTS and provides prompt customer service! Not only does the store provide a wide variety of products at fair prices, but the staff is very welcoming to anyone that wishes to hang out playing any of their games and that will support the store. The parking behind the store is very limited (Usually only to store employees), most regular customers park at the nearby Blacksburg metered parking spaces, and only people that otherwise block an exit path to the spaces to the store and neighboring apartments & stores will get towed (but anyone there will be notified well in well advance (from Fun-N-Games, the Bike Store, and Residences above the stores) that they need to move their vehicles. I have been a loyal customer to the store since 1999 and can highly recommend their services to anyone!

-- J, a dedicated customer since 1999

Good stock! Great location if you like to window shop. I was very impressed with the atmosphere and will definitely return. :)

-- Amanda

My son was there playing a game of War Hammer with a group of people. While he was playing the game, an employee walked around asking if anyone owned a black truck as some times cars get blocked in. No one at my son's table heard the request. One of the employees had the truck towed. The truck was towed 4.5 miles. They charged $150 for the return of the truck. I suggest if you go into the store you be very careful where you park unless you have $150 you want to throw away.

-- Ralph

The owner, Blake, is a nice guy who tries to connect to the customers and does what he can to make them happy. He also has an extensive knowledge of what he sells. I'd give his store a five out of five.

-- Anonymous Joe

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